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Ensure your peace of mind

Did you move to Spain and start worrying about the future of your property and who it will go to?


Making a will in Spain is highly recommended even if you have a universal will in your country of origin, either due to the simplicity of the proceedings following your death avoiding bureaucracy and additional economic expenses to your heirs, or to see if the national legislation better underlines your desires.


According to the Spanish legislation you cannot disinherit your children without legal reason.

It is important to contact a good professional who understands and knows well the comparative law applicable to your situation, to find the best solution.


  • If you don’t make a will, your assets may end up in the arches of the Spanish state.
  • The spouse has certain rights that he or she will have to claim. Firstly, jointly owned property must be liquidated.
  • Don’t worry! If you change your mind, you can always revoke your last will and make another one.

Our Spanish lawyer is experienced in this type of situation and will:

  • Make a study of your situation and will,
  • Explain how you can distribute your property among your heirs according to your will and the law of Spain or your country of origin,
  • Will explain what the hereditary reserve is,
  • Inform about the characteristics of the Spanish will,
  • Write the will in a bilingual, double-column format,
  • Accompany to the Notary and act as translator.

A. Carlota Moliner

Spanish lawyer registered at the bar


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