Civil Law

Constitutes the basis of Private Law. Deals with issues concerning private relations among individuals. You may find hereunder an overview of its fields.

Family Law deals mainly with matrimonial and family affairs such as : 

  • Divorce and separations
  • Cohabitation / de facto partnership
  • Modification of agreements
  • Custody, care and control of children
  • Paternity
  • Right of search and access to the children
  • Spouses’ Separate Property

This area deals with the assets of individuals and how they are to be transmitted upon their death. Two areas are developed here:

  • Wills
  • Successions
  • Verification of the legality of real estates
  • Purchase & Selling
  • Donations
  • Mortgages with abusive clauses and minimum rate clauses
  • Administrative disputes
  • Declarations of work and / or reform
  • Neighbourhood Conflicts
  • Land demarcations and domain claims
  • Presentation of allegations to urban development projects (“P.A.I.”).
  • Presentation of incidents, claims and allegations before all agencies: Cadastre, City Councils and local authority, government administration.

Body of law that regulates the obligations when individuals reach an agreement. We offer:

  • To advise you, personally accompany you, and represent you.
  • Elaboration of contracts of all kinds in defence of your interests.
  • Study of contracts submitted by the counter-party, modification of such contracts incorporating protective clauses to the good end of the operation if necessary.
  • We prepare the deeds according to your interests, explaining clearly what each document entails and its consequences.