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 “Bufete Jurídico” specialises in Family Law & Inheritance, as well as Conveyance & Real Estate. We offer consulting, personalized assistance and defence in judicial procedures.

Due to their dynamic approach, Bufete Jurídico is able to anticipate and avoid a significant part of the client’s problems. You will be legally advised on the issues you raise, explaining clearly all the details and consequences of your particular case. We have complete mobility to assist you, accompany you and / or represent you for your affairs in Spain. Consequently, assistance is provided in notaries, civil services, court, during negotiations and at any time requested. Furthermore, if litigation is unavoidable, we are ready to assist you even in the most complex disputes.

In addition to our professional activities, we value social responsibility, and we are proud to support SYAS (Supplies and Solidarity Foods) founded in 2012 and ECO-VIDA. Both these NGOs are dedicated in an altruistic way to help people at risk of social exclusion in the province of Alicante.



Civil​ Law

Constitutes the basis of Private Law. Deals with issues concerning private relations among individuals.

Conveyance & Real Estate

We take care of the legal status of your properties and Real Estate transactions. In addition we can also arrange the selling or renting of your property.

International Private Law

Whenever an international element is in place, whether you are a foreigner or have an asset abroad, International Private Law applies.

Administrative Law

Governs the activities of administrative agencies of government: Alien ID number (NIE), Town Hall, Cadastre, Tax Administration etc.

Business Law

Focuses on the entrepreneur and his business activity.

Criminal Law

Body of law that relates legal norms that prohibit certain behaviors and link them to a penalty as legal consequence.


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Lawyer registered in the Spanish Bar of Alicante (ICALI)

Arturo Mengotti


Strategy & Negotiation


  • We advise you, personally accompany you, and represent you.
  • Elaboration of contracts of all kinds in defence of your interests.
  • Study of contracts submitted by the counter-party, modification of such contracts incorporating protective clauses to the good end of the operation if necessary.
  • Preparation of deeds according to your interests, explaining clearly what each document entails and its consequences.
  • We negotiate for you all kinds of judicial and extrajudicial matters, in defence of your interests, sending you periodic reports of how your case evolves. We represent you throughout Spain avoiding uncomfortable journeys.

In the event that a lawsuit arises, we are ready to assist even in the most complex disputes against persons, organizations and the State.

We will thus defend your interests in all instances and defend your Fundamental Rights; including before the Spanish Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

In this situations, time is of the essence, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Purchasing and selling your properties are processes with lots of paperwork and legal requirements.

Within Bufete Jurídico Moliner Teckenburg & Mengotti we will undergo a range of operations in order to defend your interests: from supervising the transactions and drafting contracts to checking and offset legal standing of the properties among Registro, Catastro and Town Hall. Likewise, supervision and assistance in signing public deeds before a notary will also be provided.

We may also search for buyer investors and real estate according to customer requirements. 

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Spanish lawyer.

We have full mobility throughout the province of Alicante:

Alicante | Altea | Benidorm | Calpe | Rojales | Denia | Elche | Torrevieja | Villajoyosa