Criminal Law

OUR SERVICES Criminal Law Body of law that relates legal norms that prohibit certain behaviors and link them to a penalty as legal consequence. We assist you at the police station and in Court, whilst developping your criminal defence. In the unfortunate case you have been a victim of crime, we will represent you and  […]

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Business Law

OUR SERVICES Business Law Business law focuses on the entrepreneur and his business activity. We advise and represent clients, among other things, in the following areas: Memorandum Of Understanding Memorandum Of Association Articles of Association Shareholders’ Agreement Non-Disclosure Agreement Directors’ Service Agreement Commoddities – commercial contracts of sale, import and export of all types of

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Administrative Law

OUR SERVICES Administrative Law Governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. We deal with the management before all types of private and public administrations such as: Municipalities, Autonomous Communities, Administrative Offices such as: Cadastre, Town Hall, paperwork to obtain the NIE, Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). We follow up of your file and claims,

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Civil Law

OUR SERVICES Civil Law Constitutes the basis of Private Law. Deals with issues concerning private relations among individuals. You may find hereunder an overview of its fields. FAMILY LAW Family Law deals mainly with matrimonial and family affairs such as :  Divorce and separations Cohabitation / de facto partnership Modification of agreements Custody, care and

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